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#SugarKits Special Edition

March 14, 2018

Wow, things have been quiet around here for a pretty damned long time. Life, as they say, is what happens while you’re busy making other plans. And, luckily, I have great clients who happen to keep me busy enough that I’ve become really, really bad at the whole blogging thing … or updating my business website … and lots of other non-work-related things.

But life happens. And it happens fast. Sometimes, not at all in the ways we would like it to. And, furthermore, in ways we would never want to experience.

Back on January 3rd, my buddy Stevil of All Hail The Black Market fame/infamy and I had a meaningful conversation that centered around the topic of suicide. He’d just lost a friend to suicide, and he and I shared a virtual hug between each other. From that brief exchange sprouted something that is a humble gesture to make sure that nobody ever succumbs to the darkness and sadness that is depression or anxiety, or any other emotional/ mental boogeyman in their hearts or minds. Depression is a subtle foe, and one that I have personally dealt with since my early teens. I’ve even struggled with suicidal ideation, and thoughts that I really hope nobody else has … but I know that many do. And many give in to those voices that say “there’s no other way to make it stop.” Believe me, I know it way too well.

Some have noticed and noted, or reached out, that I’ve personally been a bit quiet until very recently. I won’t get into too many details, in order to protect the privacy of those involved, but depression and its dark voices came calling a little too close to home, and I don’t know that things will ever be quite the same.

In the aftermath, I wanted to turn the experience into something potentially positive. Something that could ease the pain, and give it a different ending and greater purpose.

It’s a tiny thing, really, but it’s the only thing I could think of right away.

I’m re-releasing the most recent Castellicustom kit preorder, and have changed the usual “sugar” themed hashtag to the #NonSuicidePact that Stevil and I came up with back in January. All proceeds from the sale of the clothing with be donated to the AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention). The AFSP “raises awareness, funds scientific research and provides resources and aid to those affected by suicide.” AFSP is the largest suicide prevention organization in the US, so its work is felt nationally and across a broad spectrum of people. I know many folks have special favorite orgs that are also very worthy, but my hope is to be able to provide the AFSP with some small token of support (though a large one would be great too). With that in mind, ALL profits from the sale of these kits and accessories will be given directly to AFSP.

The last time around with these designs, we didn’t meet the minimum quantities to be able to get the order into production, and refunds had to be issued. I deeply regret that I did such a poor job of communicating that as the deadlines kept rolling by. It is, however, my sincere hope that we can meet the very generously low minimums Castelli is giving us to get this order into production and perhaps send AFSP a check for a few bucks. Maybe it really is only a couple bucks- if so, I’ll add a few more of my own- but at least the kits will be out in the wild with the hashtag providing a sincere reminder that nobody has to be truly alone in the darkness, and that suicide genuinely is “a permanent solution to a temporary problem.”

In order to help make this more affordable, I’ve reduced the prices of the items offered to about 10% below MSRP across the board on all items. Because as much as I want to send AFSP a little money, I know lots of folks who might be interested in buying these kits are not made of money … I’m certainly not. So when you visit the Servizio Corse store for the pre-order, you’ll see pricing that reflects the discount already. Also of note, international shipping will once again be provided (flat rate of $30), so folks outside of the US will be able to ride in style (even if AFSP isn’t working directly in other countries).

The little image gallery above only shows a few of the items offered, but several more items will be offered;

  • Podio Jersey- men/women- $80 (both blue and hi-viz yellow designs)
  • Team Bibshort- men/women with Kiss Pad- $100 (both blue and hi-viz yellow designs)
  • LS Speedsuit- $200 (hi-viz yellow)
  • Team Mesh Sleeveless Baselayer- $45
  • Head Thingy” (neck gaiter)- $25
  • Aero Sock- $30
  • Thermo Arm Warmer- $35
  • Thermo Knee Warmer- $37.50
  • Thermo Leg Warmer- $40

So, as you can see … there’s a little something for everybody. And the two color options are intended to mix-and-match well, in case you already have one of the blue kits from last year.

And by all means, please, please, PLEASE feel free to share this with all your cycling friends. Maybe the colors or design don’t work for you (that’s cool, man), but maybe you know somebody else who might like the color, design, or just the cause.

The order window is only 15 days- this will provide an estimated ship date of May 14th. 

Let’s make this happen; let’s put a few bucks into the hands of the AFSP, and hope in the heart of darkness that sits like a ton of lead on somebody you, I, all of us love. The things that lead to suicide or attempted suicide are widely varied, but one thing remains universal- it’s never the right answer, and it always leaves behind people wondering what they could’ve done to stop it from happening. Let’s really keep the #NonSuicidePact alive, as well as each other.

aka Sugar

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