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UPDATED; Sugar Kits Getting Even SWEETER!

September 5, 2017

In the first release of the store opening on Friday last week, the women’s version of the hi-viz yellow kit was not shown … but it is there now! So, if you’re looking for lady kit for lady bits … they’re looking for you too. 


Holy Howdy Doody!

As if it were even possible, #sugarkits are about to get even sweeter!

Say hello to your new favorite clothing for fall/winter 2017/2018!

Apparently, if you haven’t heard the rumors, #crossiscoming and so is #cxiscoming and so is #ridingbikesisawesome.

With that in mind, I’ve added a second hi-viz color option to mix-n-match with the most recent #sugarhigh kits. Thanks to the reception of the original blue #sugarhigh kits, I’m reopening the order today, until September 15th, which means shipment by November 3rd … in time for the heat of CX season.

And, since we’re heading into the cooler months … not that you can tell that from the heatwave here in San Diego … I’m also adding more cool weather goodies and new items just released from Castelli.

Who says you hafta hate winter?!

Ain’t it pretty!

On the bib shorts; I’ve changed the chamois to my personal favorite from Castelli, which happens to also be less expensive- the KISS Air Pad. It’s a lower bulk, less dense, single piece chamois that I personally prefer, especially for longer rides. And, conveniently, it brings the cost of the bibs down to just $99!

New for this year from Castelli, is a new vest that uses Windstopper fabrics, and has three rear pockets. I am *super* stoked to be able to offer this item. On longer cold rides, I hate having to fish under the vest to get to my jersey pockets, so I prefer to have pockets on the vest itself.

Sugar_Threads_18.1_FLUO_OUTERWEAR copy

Also for winter and CX, I’m proudly offering up the 3/4 sleeve CX Suit. Designed for cross and changing weather conditions … and mud … it’s perfect for everything from dry SoCal CX to wet and sloppy New England doom cross.


Because it gets cold in winter … eventually even in SoCal … also offering up arm warmers, knee warmers (no leg warmers), and a totally kick ass base layer … as well as an all-new “Head Thingy” aka “neck buff”.

Sugar Threads 18.1 FLUO WARMERS v2

And, furthermore, expanding and deepening the awesometasticness … brand new tall aero socks!


Not to brag, but holy shit! One sock is blue, one sock is yellow. Mix-n-match like a total #kitninja! The Aero Sock uses an aerodynammically textured lycra upper that is fully sublimateable, paired with Castelli’s most popular footbed, with a 19cm cuff length. You all know what a total sock junky I am, so this is gonna be stupendous.

Even I’m screaming at myself “JUST TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY” as I type all of this. So, if you’re feeling the same way, let’s make some magic happen.

Go to the Castelli Team Order store, create an account if you don’t already have one, and then order away! All items are subject to meeting minimums, so spread the word. I’ll post updates along the way so that we can hopefully hit all the minimums for each item. Go to the store for all the details, pricing, etc. Images and product features are all there as well.

I’m extremely stoked to be working Castelli on these kits again, and very thankful for their patience and design help. Mike Heenan is a design demigod! Mike Clodfelter, a long time friend and fellow track racer, is the new custom sales manager for the territory, and has been an awesome help too. I feel pretty lucky.


(aka Tim)

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