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FEED me!

May 24, 2017

I am very honored and proud to announce my newest sponsor, and my roll as official (unofficial and unauthorized) #FUnbassador for Feedback Sports!

Like most people, I’ve always bled red, but now I #bleedred while striving hard to put the #FU back in #FUn! I will do my best as #feedbackFUnbassador, spreading the #FU around!

I am now the proudly spoiled owner of the incredibly awesome Omnium trainer, with both Internal Progressive Resistance and track resistance units. Now I will be able to conveniently warm-up/cool-down at track races, as well as have resistance for specific training workouts. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy about a trainer … ever!

Special thanks to my friend Katie Macarelli for taking the time to read my sponsorship request- “WHERE’S MY FREE SHIT?”. Clearly Katie understands the importance of #marketing and the need for an awesome #FUNbassador to help Feedback Sports reach the next level and meet all the SEO ROIs and being #disruptive … #somuchdisruption … this is why she’s the Marketing Manager, duh!

Keep your eyes peeled for special discount codes on my IG feed. 10% above retail! 20% if you mention you read it here!

Nobody puts the #FU in #FUn the way Feedback Sports and I will be doing!



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