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UPDATE; #sugarkits #sugarhigh special gift for first 10 paid kit orders!

May 3, 2017



Here it is; as mentioned previously, the first 10 folks to place a paid order for complete kit of bib and jersey will receive a free gift- a roll of custom #sugarkits Big40 2.5 tape from my wonderful client/friends, Zevlin.

Without paid marketing guy exaggeration, the Big40 2.5 tape is my absolute favorite and I was in love with it before Zevlin became a client. I hate wearing gloves- and have the scars to prove it- and also have long fingers. The 2.5mm thickness of the tape provides great comfort and thickness to fit my hand really well. Plus, the grip of the tape is exceptional as well- wet or dry. In essence, it’s the perfect match for the awesome Castelli kit!

I will contact the first 10 folks to place their paid complete orders, and confirm the gift. If for some reason, you don’t want the tape or pink ain’t your thing (that’s cool too), then you can choose to pass the tape on to the next paid customer. Totally up to you.

Many tanks to Zevlin for the awesome tape … it’s gonna look #sweet with that #sugarhigh kit!



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