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Only gonna say this once …

November 11, 2016

I’ve been struggling to find the words to express my feelings after Tuesday’s election. I doubt there’s been anybody waiting for me to say anything either way- it’s not like my opinion matters in the grand scheme of things, nor do I possess any kind of power or influence. Yet I’ve felt the need to say something.

So, I’m only going to say any of this once, and then I’m putting my head down and working on creating the change I want to see in my world, and for my daughters. I’m sure I might lose a few more friends or followers- I know I’ve been losing them for months now. Hell, I may even screw myself out of a job or potential work with clients, but saying nothing seems a greater risk.

Yes, I voted for the candidate who didn’t win. She wasn’t my first choice, but she seemed the best qualified of those we had to choose from, and her faults seemed to be far less faulty than the other guy. The ugliness and length of the campaign divided many of us into camps we wouldn’t normally be in, and made many of us look at the other side of the argument in a negative light. I can honestly say that in my short(ish) 46yrs, I’ve never experienced a more divisive and toxic environment than we have now. I can’t begin to go into all the variables and causes and intricacies in one post- and frankly, Im unqualified.

Without a doubt, both parties failed us. Hillary is not perfect. Trump is far from the standard the vast majority of my Republican friends would prefer. Bernie didn’t get a fair chance, and the third party candidates were never heard above the noise or considered remotely viable. And then the Electoral College … I can’t even go there. Our “system” is broken, but it’s nothing new- it’s been broken for decades, and long before I was old enough to vote.

In the end, on Tuesday, we all lost.

Now for the ranty part …

Trump won on a platform that tapped into the economic and social fears of good, honest people. He also won on a platform of very ugly divisiveness, hate, xenophobia, blatant sexism, and outright lies. Many very good people are now stained by the ugliness they don’t agree with. I don’t believe for a second that all Trump voters are ugly, bigoted people- many of them are people I have called friends. Unfortunately, they are drowned out by the minority of Trump voters who are, and who now feel emboldened to do really hateful things with impunity. Already, hate crimes are on the rise. And yes, some of those attacks are being carried out by “liberals” against Trump supporters too. But, it can not be overstated that the KKK and various neo-Nazi groups have loudly celebrated the Trump victory and have come out of the fringes to show themselves. It’s real, and it’s happening in small towns, large cities, and in schools across the country. And, to those who turned a blind eye to this part of Trump’s message because they agreed with certain parts of his platform and not the uglier parts, I’m sorry- but the blood is on your hands as well.

Listening to or reading the comments by folks saying that liberals are being whiny babies for not getting what they wanted is astoundingly hypocritical, when I’ve spent the last 8yrs listening to the same people say “he’s not MY president” or “I didn’t vote for him”, and things I won’t bother repeating. For 8yrs I’ve been told that the guy I did vote for- and liked- was the worst president ever and that his policies would destroy the country. 8yrs. I got to listen to people talk about buying more guns and ammo now to prepare for a new civil war of ideology- and threatened armed resistance if Hillary won- tell liberals to just shut up and accept the election results.

I’m not a fan of “he’s not my president”, because … whether I like it or not, he is. Until he is impeached or elected out of office in four years, we are ALL stuck with Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America. It sickens me to even type the words, but there’s not a damned thing I can do about it … other than make sure I vote in every mid-term election, and make sure I get others to vote. Slightly more than half of the eligible US population voted. Turned off by the toxic rhetoric, or the unpopular candidates, or simply disaffected by the entire process, over 90 MILLION eligible voters opted not to cast a vote at all. WE, as a nation, did a shitty job of participating in the process of electing a qualified candidate … so we got what we deserve. And it sucks for those of us who don’t like that outcome.

On the night of the election, my oldest daughter climbed into bed with me because she was scared of the election outcome. She’s 15 and is old enough to understand some of the implications of having an openly sexist and misogynistic man as President. She’s also got a lot of friends of color and in the LGBTQ community. My youngest daughter is mixed race- half caucasian and half Taiwanese, with dual citizenship. There are potentially very real implications to the outcome of the election for my family, as well as countless people I know. So, I am not going to shut up and accept that Trump is President and not hold his feet to the fire after all the things he said during the campaign … and especially now that there are hate-filled people invoking his name and committing hate crimes. It can’t be tolerated by any of us, regardless of party affiliation. And that goes for those who attack Trump supporters as well. 

You can continue to call me a “pussy”, tell me I’m just “butthurt”, say I’m a “libtard” or “Democrap”, but I’m going to continue to speak out and fight for my daughters. And, I’m also going to keep an open mind. I’m going to hope that a President Trump is different from candidate Trump, and that he’s going to surround himself with people who have the right experience. For sure, I won’t agree with many of the policies, but I will look at them before forming an opinion. I have always tried to be respectful of opinions different from mine, and I will continue to try. I have no desire to go out and buy a gun and prepare for a literal battle of ideology, though I’m sure I’ll continue to receive threats of violence for my opinions.

I will not accept or embrace hatred, bigotry, sexism, xenophobia, or bullying. But I will attempt to work to find ways to move my small part of the world forward. I will fight for my daughters to have a better world. I will offer my support to those who feel threatened, afraid, or marginalized. I will vote and make sure that everybody I know votes too. I’ll get more involved locally. And I’ll do what I can to make sure that this setback for America is temporary, not permanent. We have a lot of work to do, and I plan to do work.

The time for name calling and finger pointing has passed. The election is over- whether we like the results or not- and we have to find ways to work together, and live together. I may not like the man, but I have to accept the outcome and move forward. I have no desire to see bloodshed. I will not be silent, but I will not fan flames of anger.

There’s work to do.

*end rant*


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  1. November 11, 2016 12:03 PM

    Thank you, Tim. I have two daughters as well, and am fearful for their future. I will fight the good fight with words, not violence. May I share your post on fb?


    • Tim Jackson permalink*
      November 11, 2016 12:06 PM

      Aaron, please feel free to share.

      We have to find ways to continue our “fight” with less fighting and more personal action. To their credit, the other side mobilized more of their voters- even though Hillary won the popular vote, it wasn’t enough for the electoral vote. Had more voters gotten to the polls, things likely would’ve turned out differently.

      Actions, even small local ones, are needed.

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