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2016 Tour de France; Stage 6- Cav Clocks Kittel Convincingly … CRIPES! 

July 8, 2016

I was going to write the usual stage recap, but with the events of the past few days here in the US- and especially this evening- I really can’t find a way to attempt to be entertaining. I began to write a stage report, but then I caught a glimpse of the news. Bike racing seems pretty insignificant.

Cavendish won another brilliant sprint on Stage 6- that’s three now. Guess he’s back.

As the stage profile above shows, with my clever highlight, Stage 7 is going to hurt. The summit of the last climb is 7km from the finish, with a screaming descent. It could be an interesting finish but huge gaps aren’t all that likely because of the descent to the finish line to allow a bit of regrouping. A desperate chase could lead to crashes though, so the descent could be as important as the actual climb.

I’m just numb, so I’m going to bed.


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