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#hugeinjapan Kit Update

June 21, 2016

OH NO! Gahzirra!

Perhaps you saw the launch of the #hugeinjapan kits on June 9th. Perhaps you did not. Perhaps you’ve been holding onto your Yen waiting for a change in the exchange rate. Perhaps you simply needed to pay some bills before getting another really awesome cycling kit manufactured by the awesome folks at Castelli.

Whatever the case might be, you’re in luck; the original deadline to order these amazingly awesometastic kits designed by Mike Heenan was to be this Friday, but the deadline is being extended by one week to July 1st. That’s right, you still have time to belly up to the bar and dig into this 80’s Japanese cycling buffet of design. Inspired by the Japanese keirin circuit, as well as the ultra cool Nagasawa frames, the #hugeinjapan kit is a fond nod to the best of Japanese cycling. If it were possible to get an NJS stamp of approval, I’m pretty sure this kit would earn one.

Thanks again to the fine folks at Castelli for helping with this incredibly fun project.

Just like a platter of sashimi, or bowl of vegetable udon, the end is near … so place your order by July 1st.


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