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Doc’s Skincare Chamois Cream and Saddle Ointment

May 31, 2016

I first received the care package of butt goodies from Doc’s Skincare back in April. At that time, I was very early in my recovery from the wrist surgery, so my riding had been confined to riding the trainer for an hour at a time (mostly because my brain can only handle an hour on the trainer). At that point, even using some simple hand lotion was better than a dry chamois to prevent chafing.

Be nice to your butt.

Saddle ointment.

Chamois cream.

Since getting off the trainer on April 11th, and getting out on the road again, I’ve been able to slowly increase mileage and time in the saddle. That means proper chamois cream and saddle sore defense has become more important again.

Doc’s Skincare products contain “95% all-natural ingredients“, meaning that they do not have petroleum-based ingredients, or other icky additives that are either bad for your skin, or your chamois. That means that your pores won’t get clogged and your skin won’t get irritated. It also means that the chamois in your favorite pair of shorts won’t get ruined either.

Doc’s Chamois Cream is very light, with an incredible scent. Though not a performance feature, per se, the aroma is really quite pleasing. When you first put it on, there is a slight tingle to it, but nothing strong or long-lasting like some “Euro style” chamois creams.

Since I’ve been unable to ride for more than 3hrs so far, since the January crash, I can’t speak directly to how well it lasts on longer rides. It does wash off easily from hands and crotchal-groinal areas, as well as out of the chamois. I’ve used it once so far for track racing, and it held up well to a full evening of races- 4 races and the usual sitting around between events, as well as rolling around warming up/ cooling down. And, after harder intervals and TT training, I’ve never gotten any skin irritations- which is rare for me.

As mentioned in my short post when I first received the products, I’d gotten some bad infections in the summer of 2014, and have a history of saddle sores. So I was really excited to also get some of the Saddle Ointment to try out. As good as the Chamois Cream smells, the Saddle Ointment smells even gooder, so I’m tempted to dab a little behind the ears before I leave the house. It’s amazing! I can promise, my arse has never smelled so good.

After being back on the bike, on the road, for about 6 weeks now, the semi-permanent battle with saddle sores has returned. I was “happy” to give the Saddle Ointment a real test, and I can vouch that it works. What I’ve begun to do now, for any ride over an hour-ish, is use both the Saddle Ointment and Chamois Cream together. I first apply the Saddle Ointment, then the Chamois Cream, and that seems to hold up longer, as well as keeps the saddle sores in check. The Saddle Ointment is a bit thicker than the Chamois Cream, so it seems to “stay put” more, and provides a good barrier. And again … it smells really, really good (if that kind of thing matters to you at all).

Bottom line (no pun intended); Doc’s Skincare’s Chamois Cream and Saddle Ointment are both great products that I can easily recommend. I love the fact that they are nearly 100% natural, and made in the US. The products wash off easily, and never leave my skin feeling greasy. AND … they don’t stay in the chamois of my shorts after a wash. If you have sensitive skin, or just don’t like the idea of using petroleum-based products on your skin, you’ll love Doc’s Skincare. And did I mention how good they both smell? Treat your ass well, and your ass will be happy … and likely, the rest of you will be happy too, while you ride at least. I’m sold … and next I’ll have to give the embro and muscle balm a try for cole evening races at the track.

Tim … with a happy ass


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