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Sugar Kit Update; the COUNTDOWN

April 11, 2016

It’s April 11th. That means that THIS Friday, April 15th, will be the last day to place your preorder for the #sugarcrash kits from Castelli.


  • Over 245 of you have logged into the custom order site to set up an account to place an order, or just sniff around.
  • 92 of you have placed an order.
  • 44 of you have already paid in full!
  • 189 items have been ordered- paid/ unpaid. (THAT’S AWESOME!)
  • Vests and arm warmers have not yet met the minimum order amount; so if you’re on the fence …
  • Short Sleeve Speedsuits have met the minimum, but not Long Sleeve.
  • All other items are well beyond the minimums- THANK YOU!
  • Don’t forget the sweet contest offered up by the awesome WTF Kits, for each person who orders a kit. WTF Kits

So there is still time to place your order by this Friday. If you have an order already, but have not paid, there’s still time.


I can not put into words, just how thankful I am to each of you who have purchased an item, or simply commented on the design. It means a lot, and hopefully this is the starting point of more to come … we’ll see. But for now, this design will be closed and gone after April 15th … so file those taxes and get a sweet kit!


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