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Doc’s Skincare; junk defense

April 4, 2016

Hot damn! A very wonderful care package just arrived today from the good folks at Doc’s Skincare, so that I can care for my package! (Sorry … I couldn’t resist.)

I may be confined to the trainer for now, but it’s still a good idea to treat your nether regions kindly. I can honestly say, I’m positive this is going to be the very best my ass has ever smelled. Both the chamois cream and saddle ointment smell incredibly good and are made from 95% natural ingredients. So I’m gonna give this stuff a try and report back. Stay tuned! (I promise to be less juvenile and won’t post any awkward photos.)

I first came to learn of Doc’s when they became a sponsor of the Jelly Belly Cycling team that I worked with while I was at FOCUS Bicycles USA. I’m a huge fan of the team still, and the program itself- Danny Van Haute has done some pretty great things with the team (the longest running pro cycling team in US history) on a very modest budget, fostering some of the best riders in the country. I figured, anybody who works with Jelly Belly, has to be worth checking out … so I did.

I’ve had a long history with saddle sores, going all the way back to 1982 when I started cycling. Sometimes they go away on their own, other times I have to treat them, and then there are those that got really ugly … like the two outbreaks of MRSA I had in summer 2014. So, proper prevention of saddle sores has been a longtime struggle of mine, as well as treatment when prevention has failed. I hope I won’t NEED the saddle ointment to treat anything, but(t) if I do, I’ll be prepared.

More to follow soon!


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