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Recovery is a cruel mistress.

March 29, 2016

Had a blue spot for a bit. 
Tried riding the TT bike down the alley adjacent to my building, once I finished my hour of torture on the trainer today. I tried this once before, after the 2nd or 3rd ride on the trainer, when I first got the ok. It was 1000% a no-go the first time, but I figured “it’s been a couple weeks since I last tried, and I had an encouraging PT session yesterday … ” So today, I took the bike off the trainer and clipped back into the pedals, and pointed the bike down the alley.

The alley in question is slightly downhill, so I was able to coast, and didn’t have to get out of the saddle to get moving. I’d tried standing on the pedals to give my ass a break a few times on the trainer, and it seemed “ok” enough. So I figured my wrist could handle doing the same OFF the trainer. There was no pain- at first- and I was able to hold the base bar of the aero set up, at the brakes. It felt like I had a flat tire. Two flat tires actually. So I stopped and checked the pressure. Nope. No flats. Got back on the bike and continued to coast down the alley. The entire front end of the bike felt “off”, like something wasn’t right- loose headset, stem not tightened … something seemed wrong.

I stood up on the pedals after after awkwardly coasting to the bottom of the dead end alley, and making a u-turn. I leaned just a little forward- as one does when out of the saddle- and the feeling of the loose front end returned. It was a bit spooky, and then I realized that the problem was not the bike, but me. I stood up again and the pain that shot through my right wrist was insane, and I nearly lost control of the bike going 5mph.

While on the trainer, I was feeling pretty good about my recovery progress, even considering putting the bike on the car and heading down to Fiesta Island to do some laps on the open road tomorrow. But that little daydream quickly evaporated as I realized that the wrist still isn’t ready, and the muscle strength loss in the right arm and shoulder- from two months of avoiding using my right hand for anything- is as dangerous as the wrist injury.

So now I need to attempt to find some exercises I can do to strengthen my arm/ shoulder without putting any stress on the wrist- which pretty much rules out any form of traditional weight training. I’ve known for a bit now that the arm/ shoulder has become weak; sitting at the computer attempting to get anything done results in a good bit of discomfort. But it was really clear when I tried riding down the alley today.

Recovery will continue. I’ll keep riding the trainer, as much as I hate doing it, and try to find some ways to rehab the arm and shoulder too. In general, things are getting better … but man, it sure feels slow when you’re aching (literally) to be free again.



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  1. March 29, 2016 9:41 PM

    Resistance bands are your friend for the arm and shoulder strengthening without wrist intervention. I think you’ll find creative ways to get it to happen, but it’ll take time. Chin up, my friend!


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