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Grimpeur Bros. Dam Loop Espresso

March 17, 2016

It’s all gone. Dam quick. Dan Manco from Grimpeur Bros. shot me a bag of the Dam Loop Espresso beans and I made very quick work of them. Very … and not just because I got all hopped up on caffeine. Though that helped considerably.

As the label itself says;

Dam Loop is a truly unique one of a kind find. It is a four origin blend, intended as espresso, which really shines when pulled as ristretto. After some experimentation, we found it to be a lovely pour over and press as well. It’s all fruit upfront and finishes off with some nice chocolate notes.

Ride your bike. Drink great coffee. 


Another beautiful aroma from Grimpeur.


The funny thing is, I’ve always said that I’m a darker roast kind of guy. That statement has held true for most of my coffee drinking life … which has been a long time. I’ve worked in independent coffeehouses, helped start another, even spent a spell working for Starbucks (and before anybody freaks out about that, they treat their employees quite well), and have often thought of returning to the bean world. So, I feel reasonably qualified in the statement that I prefer darker roasts. That said, Dan and Grimpeur Bros. are making me rethink that a lot.

Dam Loop Espresso is a medium roast, rather than the usual dark roast most of us are accustomed to for espresso. The aroma is definitely very fruity and floral, and the flavor does have a very strong chocolate taste. Not exactly what you might expect from an espresso. Sadly, I’ve been without a working espresso machine for almost two years now, so I didn’t get to try it as an espresso. But, with the Aeropress, it does make for an excellent coffee. It’s excellent with or without cream or sugar. I didn’t try the French press with these beans, since I’ve gotten more use out of my right hand after the surgery, so I’ve been able to easily use the Aeropress. And, frankly, I can make two Aeropress cups with the amount of coffee I need to grind for one French press!

So, Dan is succeeding in doing something that I hadn’t really thought was possible; I’m really getting into lighter roasted coffees now. I’ve always ventured towards the heavier side of things on the taste scale, from dark beers, to dark maduro cigars, to dark and oily espressos. But now I’m beginning to see- and appreciate- the lighter side of the flavor spectrum.

Congratulations Dan and Grimpeur Bros!


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