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Spring Hopes Eternal

February 20, 2016

This past week has been extraordinary weather, even by San Diego terms. This break in between El Niño storms has delivered record high temps for February, along with deliriously beautiful days. Perfect weather to be broken and healing … agonizingly slowly.

I’ve yet to really examine the bike since the crash, partially because I still won’t be riding it for a while. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to put my TT bike on a trainer this week and begin pedaling again. I reckon that the arm rests of the TT bars will provide a perch that will cause the least amount of pain for the right wrist. It’s an older TT bike with mechanical, not electronic shifting, so I’m still not too sure if I’ll be able to shift the rear derailleur yet- using the right hand for anything more strenuous than typing is still pretty hard to do. But I’m going to try.

I learned after my previous Big Crash® in 2008, that patience is a virtue that I only possess in small quantities. That crash was at the end of April (29th), and I spent all that summer unable to ride. I survived that insanity, but it was not easy at times. This crash is much the same, with early season racing underway, and Tuesday night track racing beginning in April. The itch to ride, and get my fitness back, is strong … and making me a little nuttier than normal. There are other life events unfolding at the same time, making the desire and NEED to ride even stronger. I’ve always believed that each pedal stroke is a blessing- just as each breath is- and the desire to be clipped into my pedals again is achingly strong.

At the moment, my daughters are what keep my mind from going darker. The two of them are so different, yet equally wonderful. Both of them bring me vast amounts of joy- especially as I struggle to remain patient with the healing process, and other challenges. I’m blessed to have them.

Bones heal and chicks dig scars, right? I hope so. So far, I’ve got the scar thing down to a science. The bones appear to be healing. Hopefully my little chicks will dig Daddy’s scars.

Patience … and hope … I’m working on it.


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  1. John Jackson permalink
    February 20, 2016 10:12 PM

    Anything I can do to help?

    Sent from my iPad



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