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Marginal Gains

February 16, 2016

Surgery on the wrist looks to have been successful. Docs were pleased with how things looked in the post-op X-rays. A small plate and five small screws were used to put the bone back together, and now it’s just a matter of letting it heal.

The massive splint has been replaced with a much smaller and marginally more comfortable brace that I am allowed to remove. I’m getting range of motion in fingers back, though unable to make a fist or, more importantly, grip a handlebar.

Not sure if that is entirely due to the surgery or because of the fractured smaller bone in the hand. Regardless, no handlebars yet. It’s incredibly painful still, and I suppose will be for a few more weeks. The brace does allow me to do a bit more typing (obviously), but I can only really manage short bursts of productivity before the pain increases significantly. But I’m attempting to build up the endurance.

My pelvis is no longer something that causes me pain, unless I get carried away and forget the five fractures. My ortho gave the “all clear” to resume activity, as long as it is “no impact”, so I am hoping to try riding my bike on a stationary trainer. Given the wrist issues, I think I may attempt to put the TT bike on the trainer, so I can use the arm rests to support my upper body weight. My right arm and shoulder have lost significant strength since the crash, from the arm being largely immobilized, so there will need to be significant work put into rebuilding that strength … once I can pick up something heavier than a cup of coffee (my wrist doc said that’s my limit- “nothing heavier than a cup of coffee”).

Yesterday, being a school holiday, I took my daughters to the beach to walk around and enjoy the early summer we’re having here. It was my first time being outside for more than a few blocks. It was heavenly … and exhausting!


The roughly five miles we walked wore me completely out. I’m still feeling it a bit today too, mostly with sore knees. Amazing what a month of inactivity does to you. Still,  it was glorious to spend time with them outside, finally feeling like I might be able to return to normal(ish).

I’ve hinted about a collaboration project that I am working on, and still can’t let the feline out of the purse, but I’ve gotten the first round of preliminary designs to review. I am SO stoked about this project and really can’t wait to share it. It’s gonna be awesome, of course, and I hope you’ll dig it too. I should have more details to announce soon, as well as the backstory behind it. As I’ve said before, I am blessed with some amazing friends.

I’ll be back with more soon. Going to be lining up athlete interviews in the near future too, and hopefully more coffee reviews.

Thanks for sticking around.


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