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Steaming Bean- Organic Mountain Harvest

February 14, 2016

Next in the grinder is the Steaming Bean Organic Mountain Harvest blend. Like the last beans from Desert Sun, these beans arrived via Matt Phillips of Bicycling … which provides the “bike related” connection here. Another Colorado roast, based out of Telluride, they’ve been around since 1991. Their website does provide purchasing, so sniff around and find something you like … their Black Magic dark roast sounds quite yummy to me. 









Smells good!

Silly as it may sound, I really liked the reusable zip-style bag that the beans were sealed in. It’s nice to be able to get a nice seal on the unused beans between brewing. Roll top bags don’t offer the same level of sealing, and it’s nice to not need to transfer the unused beans into a different airtight container … call me obsessive, but I thought it was a nice touch.

Similar to the Grimpeur Bros Leif Erikson, the aroma of the Mountain Harvest beans is incredible. In fact, in a blind nose test, it would be very hard to tell the two apart. The lightly roasted Peruvian beans, paired with (30%) dark roasted Mexican beans creates a really nice balance.

Excellent “crema.”

The flavor is also similar to the Leif Erikson, but as expected, with slightly more bitterness/ strength to it. That’s the 30% Mexican beans in action … OLE! Again, since my right hand prevents me from using the Aeropress, I used the French press for the entirety of this bag of beans. The flavor did not disappoint, even on the one brew where I received a phone call mid-press and had to walk away for a few minutes. The ground beans continued to steep, but the flavor did not become overly bitter or skunky- which is the sign of a good roast and quality beans.

I’d suggest these beans as an excellent mid-day roast, if you are like me and prefer darker coffees. If you like lighter beans, these might be an excellent gotta-get-shit-done-go-faster bean. The roast coincidentally paired quite nicely with dark chocolate covered toffee … on accident, of course.

Steaming Bean has some interesting blends listed on their site, and if the Organic Mountain Harvest is an accurate barometer, they’re likely also quite good.


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