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The #brokenNOTburied update

January 26, 2016

The CT scan image below is from the first night in the hospital. The little arrow points to one of the FIVE total fractures in my pelvis. F I V E fractures … no wonder it hurt to roll over!


And here we have an X-ray from today- none of the fractures are clearly visible anymore. This means I can resume “no hard impact” activity, but doctors don’t want me riding on the road yet- and neither do I, especially with the wrist.


And here, below, is an exchange between my mother and I- who is a retired nurse who has bandaged me up more than any mother should ever have to bandage a child, and took me to my doctor appointment today. I love her dearly, and not just because she’s funny as hell.


Tonight I get one final CT scan of the wrist, to provide final confirmation that surgery is needed (it is). Three month recovery from surgery before I can begin to put weight on it again.

Bummed out, but alive. “Any day on this side of the dirt is a blessing.”


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