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What’s in store …

January 25, 2016

Since I’ve already been blabbing about plans for the relaunch of this here blog all over the Interwebz®, figured I might as well post some details here too, just for consistency’s sake.

Along with my usual rambling rants about cycling and the industry of bicycles, as well as life itself (warts and all), I plan to do interviews with riders, athletes, and people within the broader scope of cycling and the business of cycling. I’ve been exceptionally lucky over the years to work with and/or get to know some really awesome people- many of whom I consider true friends. I’m gonna test those friendships and coerce some interviews out of some folks. With that in mind, I’m also happy to receive any suggestions and contacts for potential interviews if you wanna help out.

Another area I plan to explore is coffee. As threatened in the past, the goal is to do reviews of coffees, and profiles of the roasters and/or cafés. My main focus will be coffees, roasters, or cafés with connections to cycling. Luckily, there’s a lot of those, so it should be a pretty regular stream of content. Again, if you have favorites you would like to see gain a little extra exposure, let me know. All reviews will be conducted the same way; brewed with an Aeropress and consumed by me! I’m a somewhat “regular” coffee snob. I don’t weigh each scoop. I don’t obsess over water temp. I can’t tell fruity overtones from nutty undertones, or what kind of dirt the beans were grown in without having it pointed out to me. Basically, I like good coffee and I think the vast majority of folks who might be interested in the types of coffee insights I can offer likely feel the same way. I don’t have the time or desire to be overly fastidious about my coffee … I just want it to be good. AND … I like the idea of supporting those who support cycling.

Stay tuned for more as I get this rolling, though slowly with the injuries. And if you are an athlete, industry friend, or a coffee roaster … you can expect to hear from me! Better yet … let me know when you’re ready for your moment of fame.


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